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Universal Healthcare Foundation

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Every South African has the right to adequate healthcare. To this end, the Universal Healthcare Foundation strives to empower and support the provision of healthcare to under serviced South African communities.

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This is what the Universal Foundation is looking to achieve

Community healthcare services

To promote substantially enhanced community healthcare services throughout South Africa.

Public healthcare system

To provide much needed, additional support to the public healthcare system including practitioners and infrastructure at state institutions to deliver quality, effective, sustainable and affordable healthcare.

National health insurance

To align with Government efforts to establish a functional healthcare system by creating private healthcare initiatives to meet the challenge of lessening the financial and logistical burden on the public healthcare system.

Closing the gap

To close the gap between the private and public health sectors to promote equitable healthcare services for all South Africans.

Healthcare practitioners

To create opportunities for community-based healthcare practitioners to develop social enterprises.

Healthcare technologies

To promote access to new healthcare technologies and international best practice in terms of healthcare systems and infrastructure.


To educate and train community members on health and social related issues.


To deliver administrative as well as other management support functions to healthcare practitioners to ensure sustainable healthcare service delivery to individuals within identified communities.

Join our cause

We urge you to assist the Universal Healthcare Foundation by contributing to our fund in any way possible so that we can provide better access to the improved healthcare services that South Africans deserve.

We aim to drive the establishment of better healthcare infrastructures and more accessible healthcare services through active collaboration with other foundations, individual donors and non-profit organisations.

Individuals and organisations can support our efforts by committing secure, tax-deductible donations to the Universal Healthcare Foundation. The foundation will operate within the highest principles of corporate governance under the auspices of an independent Board of Directors. All activities will be reported on in a fully transparent manner, and independently audited.

Help us save lives

Donations are tax-deductable.



Universal Foundation

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