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Universal Healthcare Foundation

COVID-19 Emergency Project:

To expand the high care and ICU bed capacity by establishing new COVID-19 Critical Care Hospitals in preparation for the expected increase in COVID-19 patient numbers, in collaboration with other stakeholders.

Help save lives

An urgent call to help South Africans in need

Our beautiful country and its people need your help in fighting the escalating COVID-19 crisis.

The coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire across the globe, and with the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in South Africa rising rapidly, the death toll is likely to soar.

South Africa includes millions without access to basic necessities like drinking water and quality healthcare. The chilling reality is that many South Africans live in fear every day. They fear for their safety, health, and most importantly, they fear for their families.

Beyond these harsh living conditions in poverty-stricken townships, millions more live with chronic, immunocompromising diseases like HIV and tuberculosis, putting them at a much higher risk of contracting and being unable to fight off the deadly virus.

The reality, however, is that this pandemic does not discriminate, and all South Africans are susceptible to the virus.

When the pandemic reaches its peak, all South Africans will be subjected to a shortage of adequate critical healthcare services, such as high care and ICU beds with ventilators, and the appropriate level of medical care to treat seriously ill patients with COVID-19.

The time to act is now!

Swift action now is critical to avoid the catastrophic experience in countries where healthcare systems could not meet the demand. The pandemic will overwhelm our current hospital infrastructure unless we expand the capacity in high care and ICU beds, by establishing new temporary COVID-19 Critical Care Hospitals in existing convention centres and other locations, to prepare for the massive expected increase in patient numbers.

Our healthcare systems, both in the private and public sectors, are simply not geared to accommodate the vast numbers of people who will ultimately become infected and who will require intensive lifesaving support and care.

We are deeply concerned about the potentially devastating impact this pandemic may have on our country and its people – and you should be too.

How can you help?

The South African healthcare industry needs all the help it can get to stand a fighting chance against COVID-19.

To treat the rising number of patients requiring dedicated care, we need to build new COVID-19 Critical Care Hospitals equipped with appropriate breathing devices and ventilators.

We also need to procure more personal protection equipment (PPE) for our healthcare workers.

To do all this, we need your help to fund this critical and life-saving project.

Fund a bed and help us save lives!

We believe that quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, regardless of a person’s circumstances, and every patient who needs a high care or ICU bed should have access to one – along with a ventilator, nurse, doctor and the necessary lifesaving care.

Please help us in any way you can.

All donations will be greatly appreciated as they will help us care for those in need during this crisis.

You can also volunteer your time and services for healthcare-related support.

Let’s unite to fight this pandemic.

Help us save lives

Donations are tax-deductable.

Join our cause

We urge you to assist the Universal Healthcare Foundation by contributing to our fund in any way possible so that we can provide access to critical patient-centred care for patients with COVID-19.

We aim to drive the establishment of new COVID-19 Critical Care Hospitals through active collaboration with other foundations, individual donors and non-profit organisations.

Individuals and organisations can support our efforts by committing secure, tax-deductible donations to the Universal Healthcare Foundation. The foundation will operate within the highest principles of corporate governance under the auspices of an independent Board of Directors. An independent board will be appointed to specifically oversee the new COVID-19 Critical Care Hospitals project. All activities will be reported on in a fully transparent manner, and independently audited.

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