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About The Foundation

Help save lives

The Universal Healthcare Group was founded by a trio of healthcare industry experts – Dr Johan Pretorius (CEO), Catharina Sevillano-Barredo (CFO) and the late Prof Jan van der Merwe with a single-minded purpose: to make a difference in the lives of the patients we serve.

Our purpose

To make those who are ill get better; to encourage those who are well, to live healthier lives; and to support healthcare professionals in providing evidence-based medicine with a caring approach.

Our reason for being

Universal Healthcare has always believed that the patient should be the centre of any healthcare initiative. Through utilising the industry knowledge and expertise of the organisation, its founders, current board of directors and employees of Universal have embarked on a greater challenge to empower and support the provision of healthcare to under serviced South African communities.

The Universal Healthcare Foundation, a registered non-profit company, as defined in Section 1 of the Companies Act 71 of 2008, was established for the purpose of providing access to healthcare services to South Africans in greatest need.

The Universal Healthcare Foundation was incorporated on 2 February 2018.

Board members of the Universal Healthcare Foundation are:

Dr. Johan Pretorius

Catharina Sevillano-Barredo 

Tyrone Francis

Albert Nemukula

Velaphi Petsana

Nthabiseng Thoabala

Universal Healthcare
Foundation mission

To raise grant funding to empower and support the South African healthcare industry in order to deliver essential, sustainable, quality and affordable healthcare services to under serviced communities, with a caring approach and in accordance with international best practice.


Donations are tax-deductable.

Governance and financial controls

At the Universal Healthcare Foundation, we work tirelessly to achieve our mission to raise funding to empower and support the healthcare industry to deliver sustainable, quality and affordable healthcare services in accordance with international best practice, with a caring approach to under serviced communities. We work hard to ensure that every cent is spent in the most effective way possible because we are accountable to our donors and to the people in need.

Our reporting on expenditure is detailed, accurate and transparent. Our annual financial statements are audited annually by Deloitte and Touche. We strive to achieve an unqualified audit opinion on an annual basis. The Universal Healthcare Foundation complies with South African laws and requirements and we conform to the highest accounting and financial standards, being IFRS. An independent Board of Directors has been appointed to ensure that the Foundation adheres to the highest principles of corporate governance. An independent supervisory board will be appointed to specifically oversee the Emergency High Care and ICU Hospital project. All activities will be reported on in a fully transparent manner, and independently audited.

The appointed independent auditors for the Universal Healthcare Foundation is Deloitte & Touche South Africa, a leading global provider of audit and assurance, consulting, financial advisory, risk advisory, tax, and related services. 

The Universal Healthcare Foundation is committed to meeting international standards of quality and accountability. Furthermore, the Universal Healthcare Foundation commits to adhering to its internal controls policies and procedures which protect the assets of the Foundation, ensure reliable financial reporting, promote compliance with laws and regulations, and facilitate effective and efficient operations. The aforesaid is the foundation of our accountability in relation to transparent  reporting and to our Foundation’s communication processes.

Universal Foundation

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